There we are, the new season is just around the corner and it is time to start the daily routine. Although the school is now far from our life, I like to think of a return to work and the everyday life with a fresh and dynamic style that help us to overcome better is the end of this wonderful summer that has just passed.

All the trends in September 2019

Trench coats and capes, fashion 70's, and clothing utility, style can, in fact, still to wait for September as you know, is a month of transizionand and if the temperatures do not want to mention to drop, why can't we pretend, at least with our look, to be still on vacation?

The trends in September 2019 come in a soft carrying in the store large and small accessories like the backpack, roomy the right, fill it with your essential newspapers.

This accessory opens the door to what will be the soft trend of the season: the fashion street style.

The long dresses and fluttering remain, but are worn so easy with sneakers and a backpack, exactly. The protagonists of the jewelry, even better if it's big and light that reflect the sun will keep us company for a while.

Long dresses are also in September

The summer is really difficult to leave, to go away, especially if the temperatures are still warm and the sun shines high in the sky.

If you are sad for back to school, you should know that the long dresses you in a better mood. Start the new season with a massive dose of femininity, opting for dresses long flowers , and beautiful to match shoes open your shoulder strap and colored.

Put aside the bright vibrant colors that have made the company this summer and opt for the tones of the earth and of the sunset, you too, to all the shades of green.

September 2019: back to school

Sneakers and backpack in hand, arrived in September and it is time to go back to school ( or work) or otherwise to say goodbye to the wonderful summer just passed.

If you say goodbye to the hot season , there seems to be something too cruel, search for clothing by style exotic: a jungle is lush, even in autumn.

Opt for loose clothing, pants, denim, light and a crop top, without forgetting, however, jackets, and sweaters to hand to the cool of the evening. Yes the colours, especially those of the sun, which will remind us that although summer is over, the sun will shine within you.

As always, at the end of the article, you will find a selection of clothing in the trend to create the most beautiful outfit of this September