Cappotti donna inverno: guida alla scelta

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Pantaloni larghi per affrontare l’inverno con stile

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How to dress in layers when temperatures drop

Summer is now a distant memory, but winter, the cold and harsh one, has not yet arrived. Here then, dressing in layers becomes the best solution to not feel cold and not too hot.
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Comfortable and beautiful: here's how to work from home in style

Agile work, we now know, is destined to be a part of our life for a long time to come. This does not mean that, working from home, we have to give up on trends or take care of our appearance. So here are some style tips for comfortable and beautiful work from home .
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High-waisted trousers: all the styles to keep in the closet this fall

Destined not to go away again, this year the high-waisted trousers are configured as the autumn trend. Let's find out which ones to choose and buy.
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Short skirts: here are the models this fall 2020

If you are a lover of bare legs even at low temperatures, with socks of course, do not miss the best models of short skirts of this fall 2020 .
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A lot of prints: these are the autumn trends not to be missed

Among the autumn 2020 trends here are the prints. They are applied on dresses, clothing and accessories and they are the real stars of autumn
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Lace: the must have for autumn

Welcome autumn, foliage and fiery sunsets: welcome back lace, the real must have of the season to wear in all its forms .
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6 trends you'll love this fall

When a new season arrives, you know, it doesn't just bring with it new temperatures and transformations in nature and in the environment that surrounds us. Our wardrobe is also transforming, which is why I have selected 6 new trends that you will love this fall.
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Long skirts for autumn: which ones to choose and wear

Goodbye miniskirts and crop tops to wear: autumn has arrived and with them the long skirts , a gypsy model to discover and buy.
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