Top bianco: il must have dell’estate da avere in valigia

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Long skirts: these are the ones that you cannot give up this summer,

Flared, pleated, long up to the ankles and to the wheel, they are the true stars of the summer: long skirts. Here are the ones which you can't, nor do you have to give up to wear in the hot season.
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Sequins: from the clothes to the top, the trend this summer is shine

A summer very shiny is the one that we are going to live: when the pastel colors and floral prints are not enough, here they come, the sequins, from the clothes to the top, to shine on the occasion of the hot season ever.
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Palazzo pants for the summer: look cool and glamorous

Slender silhouette and glide along the body, giving the whole look a stylish aura and glamour: these are the palazzo pants, the real must of the summer.
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White mon amour. Here is the trend of super glamorous

Welcome summer, welcome to warm, sea, ice-cream and walks at sunset. When warm weather calls, the white clothes, fresh and feminine meet. Ready to find out the ones that we have selected for you?
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The polka dots, the fantasy of the summer,

We have already said, this summer will be in full color. Between the fantasies that stand out the polka dots, the perfect alternative to the floral print.
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Welcome summer welcome flowers

A riot of colour to the streets of the city leaves no doubt: the summer has now arrived. And to prove it the weather is fine, the rays of the sun caress the skin and make it golden, and the clothes, sweaters and clothing items that are colored.
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Skirts read for the summer: the most beautiful to choose

Look beautiful, fresh, glamorous and ready for the hot summer. How? With the skirts. Here are the most beautiful to choose for a summer in the test of lightness.
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Shirt, models and combinations of trend

For every season, for every occasion there is always she: her majesty the shirt. The look, the compounds from this piece of clothing, are always a success. Let's discover together which are the models of the shirt, and combinations of the trend, this year.
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Pastel dresses: the look can be delicate for the summer season

The summer season brings with it a breath of fresh air and so much color, that this year turns pastel colors. Let's discover together the outfits to wear this summer.
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