What better time, hindsight the arrival of a new season, is perfect to renew your wardrobe? Leaving aside the fluttering dresses, skirts and tops, it's time to choose perfect clothing for the first cold. At the top of the list is the shirt . So they decided the trends.

In cotton, satin or jeans, the autumn shirt goes with just about anything , and is perfect for building the best looks of the season, to wear for any occasion. Let's find out together.

Shirt: the must-have item for autumn

Regardless of personal taste and style, we all have a shirt in the closet. This is the formal clothing item par excellence that, over the years, has been proposed in many variations that have won us over.

They can be worn with other elegant clothing items, and combined with luxury accessories , or with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a trendy, glamorous and very practical look. In short, they can be declined in our image and likeness, and worn for any occasion.

Whether it's about building looks for work, or outfits for personal commitments, one thing is certain, the shirt never disappoints us.

Trend models

If you have decided to renew your wardrobe with the arrival of the autumn season, then knowing which are the trendy models of this moment will help you create extraordinary outfits.

The autumn shirt is the one that loves the warm shades of the season , with colors that alone are able to characterize the entire outfit. But color is not the only protagonist of the season. In fact, this is combined with the most refined and original details.

Yes, therefore, to the shirt with wide or balloon sleeves, to the maxi collar, to the pearl buttons and any other precious detail that can make this garment even more extraordinary.

The presence of these more or less precious details will give the whole look a super glamorous and chic big toe, and will allow you to choose whether to opt for a more elegant version of the outfit or a more daring, but always extremely feminine.

The white shirt, even in autumn

The white shirt needs no introduction because it is the queen of all looks. It can be worn at any time of day and night, for sporty, formal or informal , romantic and daring looks.

The color remains the same, the models, shapes and details change, but all return the same result: an extraordinary look to show off proudly. And don't be afraid to wear white even in autumn, on the contrary. Try to mix and match with beige, light brown, gray and other shades of the season. And you will see what a look!