Slender silhouette and glide along the body, giving the whole look a stylish aura and glamour: these are the palazzo pants, the real must of the summer.

Palazzo pants: that's why they wear them

Cool and glamorous, colourful, light and fresh, this summer we lasciarceli escape: we are talking about palazzo pants, a real must have for the hot season. You can choose from linen and satin, the colours in vogue this summer or with floral prints, multi-coloured, up to models in jeans, original and really trendy.

Are fresh and light and fit in many occasion. Also do not shake and do not score, thanks to the presence of wide leg: this is why I recommend you to have this garment, and its variant, in the wardrobe, wear it in any occasion when the temperatures rise.

Palazzo pants: which to choose this summer

The trend of the palazzo pants, comes directly from the past and configure, also this year as a must-have for every occasion, from formal events to days in the office, up to the romantic evenings and challenging because with the heels, you know, these pants give the best of themselves.

For this season, the palazzo pants have been proposed in many different versions: from light colors to brilliant ones, going to the fantasy floral until you get to the ones with patterns and lines, to replicate the look from the films. As for the fabrics, instead, we have a wide choice: from the satin and linen, up to the denim, the less structured, but really cool.

Among the various models, we rediscover the charm of the paperbag, but there are also cropped, or culottes, for those who love to show off the ankles.

Light and fresh: this summer, palazzo pants are a must

The arrival of summer brings with it the sun, the beautiful days, the nights out, but also the abrupt rise of the temperatures. And if it is true that the desire to spend time in the open air is much, it is equally true that the afa, too often, puts in crisis the construction of our outfit.

That's why the palazzo pants are in relief. Thanks to their shape, in fact, are beautiful to look at and easy to wear, furthermore, the choice of lightweight fabric, brings a breath of freshness in our look. For this summer, in fact, the advice is to only rely on palazzo pants in linen or cotton, and in the alternative, to denim.

To build a look that is casual and by day, let well as the comfortable sneakers or low sandals, to the contrary, for appointments galanti and out in the evening, the rule is only one: the heel strictly on high.

As always at the end of the article you can find my personal selection of palazzo pants for this summer.