Flared, pleated, long up to the ankles and to the wheel, they are the true stars of the summer: long skirts. Here are the ones which you can't, nor do you have to give up to wear in the hot season.

Long skirts: the trend of summer

Styles, patterns, colors, prints and patterns are all different: this year long skirts are adapted to the needs of all the fashion addicted who are looking for a head fresh, light and super glamorous.

Ideal for any occasion and super versatile, it's no wonder that every year, when the warm weather arrives, our wardrobe offers a large amount of long skirts, all ready to meet our needs. From those long summer stylish, to those simple and basic, here are the models of the most popular of the seasons, that they should never send in our closet.

Long skirts summer models

You by long skirts, summer chic, suitable for important occasions such as ceremonies or special events, and you end up with those simple and basic to wear everyday, to go to work or for a walk in the city. Then there are the long skirts, pleated, perfect for those looking for a combo winning between comfort and femininity, as well as those colored with floral patterns and cuts to the wheel, super romantic, to wear for a picnic or a summer stroll.

The look with the prints accompany us now already by the spring and will do so for the whole of the current season. Just look around to see how floral prints and colourful patterns make it a master on the clothes flapping, and other apparel.

Not only the flowers but the great tendency, in fact, especially for the evening events, there is the winning combination of black-and-white, in particular with the juxtaposition of prints, polka dots, or patterns are geometric and linear.

Super on-trend, this year, is the skirt summer long with a slit, that allows you to highlight in an elegant and unexpected legs. The skirts with the slits, more or less deep, lateral, or on the back, creating a see-through effect, I do not see really sensual and feminine.

How to choose the right skirt for this summer

As I mentioned, this summer it is imperative to take at least two or three different patterns, to patterns and colours, long skirts. In addition to be a clothing trend, you configure as a head evergreen of the season adaptable to different occasions.

The advice is to always choose long skirts made of light weight materials and comfortable, such as linen or cotton. If you like things more structured, however, and you are in search of an outfit more sophisticated, opt for the skirts in chiffon or with lace ruffles st gallen or even, for the beautiful fabrics pleated.