When the days begin to shorten and the first colds characterize the days, we know well that the time has come to renew the wardrobe, but woe to give up the clothes we have worn in recent seasons. Long dresses, in fact, are a must have for autumn 2021 .

The fabrics, prints and colors change, but the beauty and versatility of these garments remain the same. In fact, among the trends of the season , we find flowers, even if in more subdued colors, necklines, slits and draperies. Let's find out together the must-have models this autumn.

Long dresses among the autumn 2021 trends

We confirm that the clothes will still remain a little bit by our side, or rather on our body, for the whole autumn 2021 season. Combined with warm boots, blazers and jackets , on the coldest days, long dresses become our best allies. fashion this season.

Soft, fluid and fluttering, these garments allow us to face everyday life in a chic and super glamorous way. Fortunately, fashion houses and clothing companies come to meet us, offering a series of long dresses suitable for all needs .

There are those perfect for the day , to wear for personal and professional commitments. And then there are the more elegant and romantic ones, ideal for an event or an evening for two with your partner.

New colors, fabrics and shapes: long autumn dresses

The lengths remain the same, as well as the beauty that characterizes these garments, but the long dresses of autumn 2021 are dyed in nine shades, and are enriched with truly surprising details.

Among the must-have dresses we find those in knitwear , in super maxi or midi versions, to be worn at any time of day. Yes to multicolor prints, as long as they take up the magical and evocative autumnal nuances.

Yes also to shirt dresses , which still give the look a certain lightness, which we should then give up with the arrival of autumn. These long dresses are also perfect for more formal occasions.

The right combinations

If there is one thing that the warmer seasons have taught us it is that long dresses can be combined with any shoe, as long as you always follow some general rules. In our case we can choose to wear the long dresses of autumn 2021 with sandals , on days when the sun is still the protagonist, or with beautiful décolleté .

With the first days of rain , on the other hand, we can pull half ankle boots or rain boots out of the shoe cabinet, declined in their more Fashion version.

Also, don't forget to always have jackets, blazers or light coats in the same color at hand, to wear over your dress in the evening, or when the temperatures drop.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the selection of long dresses for autumn that you find below.