The total black always has its timeless charm.It is inevitable, therefore, suffer a bit in the summer when color is king, but I'll let you in on a secret: the black you can wear it even in summer.

Wear black in the summer: here's how

Fabrics, fresh and light cuts and the effect chic and glam even in the summer: here's how to wear black in the warmer seasons.

Why the total black never goes out of fashion and there is always a good reason to wear it, even in the summer.

A black dress is able to enhance the feminine silhouette and adapt to every occasion and need, it is not right, therefore, to give it up when the sun is hot.

Rather, you need to select which garments of this color, paying attention to the choice of the model and the fabric.

Summer black: timeless elegance

A black dress in the summer can always be useful, both in the case of a romantic dinner and a appointment the mundane. You can be elegant and ordered with minimum effort: as much there is black.

The secret to wearing an outfit, total black even in the summer, is to entrust it to light and fresh materials such as linen or viscose, especially in the case of dresses and long skirts.

You can also play with necklines wide and transparencies to give precisely lightness to the look.

And still, play with light accessories and colorful to add brightness to the clothing chosen.
As always at the end of the article, you can find my personal selection to create a total black look, even in summer.