Blue and black? The I? And how? But it will be a good choice? How many times have we asked this question in front of a mix and match of the two items of clothing from the blue and black colours? Just questions, blue and black can, now we see how to create the perfect combo for this Spring.

Blue and black: how to wear it

A fashion combo that scares, but that never as this year has proven to be perfectly according to the seasonal trends. Of course there are rules to follow in order not to commit errors, but once you understand your look will be perfect.

Combine the blue and the black is a real taboo in the fashion industry that has sent in a crisis, everyone from fashion designers to fashion houses, up to the fashion victim.

I trends this year, however, I have observed and I can say it aloud, yes, blue and black, you can not only match together, but they are also a great couple.

Blue and black: errors not to make

We speak now of the mistakes to avoid to create a perfect look.
The first rule is not to break a suit, ever. Then you should pay attention to the combination between fabrics that are too similar to each other, an example? You to a complete black, with jacket and trousers, matched to a camicetta navy blue.

No, instead, the matching black pants and blue blazer.

One of the errors/horrors more committed when you try to combine black and blue with accessories.
The black accessories on the outfit in total blue is absolutely recommended, you can't say the opposite though. In particular, never use a blue that is too dark on a total black look, rather opt for an electric blue or otherwise changing to a bag of briquettes or of the earrings. In short, play on the contrast.

Blue and black: tips for use

As always, at the end of the article you can find some clothing items that I have chosen for you to mix-and-match black blue.

Remember that one outfit in total blue with black accessories, it always works. Always keep in mind that if you want to give a touch of style to an outfit with total black you have to choose a iridescent blue, and very bright, better still if made of velvet or silk.