They can be cropped or maxi, have a high neck or a splendid neckline that shows off the décolleté, only for the less cold, of course, and are perfect for creating glamorous and comfortable looks. We are talking about the winter 2022 sweaters and these are the most beautiful to buy right now.

Winter 2022 sweaters: trends

No occasion is better than the start of the new year to go shopping and renovate our wardrobe. After all, the trends have been peeping for a while already reserved for us some really strategic clothing to face the cold forecast for the season.

The absolute protagonists, again this year, are them: the winter 2022 sweaters. But there are many, and in different variations, so that they can be worn by everyone and for every occasion.

There are those with high or round necks, minimal and one-color ones or those with prints and patterns for those who want to show off color during the gray and dull winter days. To these are also added the turtleneck and cropped models, for those who are not afraid to show their tummy even in colder temperatures.

For the cold ones, however, there are also the winter 2022 sweaters with a cozy style, extremely warm and enveloping, to be worn at any time of the day for a glamorous but extremely warm and enveloping cuddle.

Winter 2022 sweaters: how to choose them

Winter 2022 sweaters seem to perfectly respond to our style needs, and more. Thanks to increasingly warm and comfortable fabrics, it is possible to create chic, glamorous or romantic looks to show off on any occasion.

Winter 2022 sweaters can be combined with jeans and trousers, or even with flounced skirts, to create perfect outfits for the day , both for the office and for personal errands. 

They are also strategic clothing items for all people who work in smart working mode and who are looking for a comfy, but chic look , especially if there are video conferences on the agenda.

Then there are the turtleneck ones, with embroidery and details that can be worn for dinners with friends and relatives or for going out with friends.

How to create a sophisticated look with winter 2022 sweaters

As we have seen, thanks to the winter 2022 sweaters we can create glamorous and shocking outfits to show off on many occasions. If we want to give an extra touch to the look and make it sophisticated, then we can opt for sweaters with precious details .

Not only embroidery, but also ruffles, puffed sleeves and crisscross weaves . These are the stylish details with which to protect you from the heat this winter.

Before you go, take a look at my personal selection of winter 2022 sweaters that you find at the end of this article and let yourself be inspired.