Fashionable sports chic clothing and fresh but glamorous accessories in straw, and much more: here are the trends and the must have to wear in August.

How to dress for August

Whether you vacation in the city or the sea with friends, even in the summer the fashion goes on vacation. It is therefore appropriate to locate the perfect mix-and-match to be glamorous but comfortable to face even the hottest days.

Bikini, hot pants, skirts far and clothes fluttering: yes, this is the wardrobe that every woman's summer must have. Even better if these clothing items are on yellow, orange, forest green and lilac: in short, the colors of the summer 2019 are more brilliant than ever.

Glamorous accessories

The summer is dominated, literally, by the accessories: large jewelry, big bags or mini-bag rope, oversized volumes also for sunglasses. Yes to bracelets and large earrings that contrast look to be a minimum composed of, for example, from shorts and swimsuit or body, for the aperitifs overlooking the sea.

It is also the straw hats, an evergreen of the ecstatic characterizes the outfit is made of clothes fluttering, long skirts and crop top.

Also the hair should be fashionable, that's why in August, you can wear turbans, headbands and scarves. How not to brush up the delicious circles, but this year the colors are fluorescent.

Between glamorous clothes and sportswear

Whether you opt to stay in the city or are preparing the suitcase to go, you can not miss in your armamentarium a dress, dark and elegant for a romantic dinner or a formal party. Opt for a sheath dress, course, and black: its elegance will delight you.

Alternatively, a pair of trousers by cutting cigarettes and a crop top to make you flawless. Attention, here attentive the strict rule of the high heel, always.

For all the days, instead, you can rely on comfortable wedges in cordto create look casual or sport chic. One of the trends of the summer 2019 is to mix sportswear with basic pieces. An example of that? The popular cycling shorts with a top crop, and still, shorts and football top crop: the living comfort.

As always, at the end of the article, you will find a selection of clothing to mix for your outfit August.