The shy apparitions of a time, leave space for them that now are the true protagonists of the streetwear, we are talking about the ecological furs.

Ecological furs: the new trend

This winter get ready to warm up with synthetic fur, they are, in fact, is the outerwear of reference for a fashionable, cheerful, trendy, but absolutely respectful to the animals.

In the beginning there was Stella McCartnery, the designer is made a spokesman with the years to a fashion-conscious with a proposal of ecological furs beautiful and super trendy.

And it didn't take much for designers, fashion houses and clothing companies proposing these jackets in different variants and versions, which today meet the needs of all the lovers of this garment.

Eco furs: the models this winter

Silhouette carved versions maxi and bright colors: these are the furs of this winter that you absolutely must have in the wardrobe. Red, blue and pastel pink are definitely the colors of the moment, but if you prefer the more pastel and less vibrant go well for the white, beige and grey stone.

Then there is him, the timeless black: all of us should own at least one faux fur the black in our wardrobe to show off at every opportunity.

Trends winter: how to wear fur

If it is true that the fur is a clothing rather important, it is equally true that it is necessary to understand well how to do the mix and match is perfect with this coat.

The council is to match them in contrast to skirts in smooth leather or however simple or short. Even jeans to straight leg or trousers in a skinny jeans are a great solution to create an outfit for the day.

If you want to follow the trend of the year, do not be afraid to dare by wearing silk dresses, which recall the models of petticoats or skirts in satin.

As always at the end of the article you can find my personal selection of furs from buy to better face the winter.