From green, to pink on the Galaxy blue, this September, the color of the energy to better cope with the arrival of the cold season.

September: between tendencies and good intentions

September is the month par excellence to the new beginnings, the good intentions to return to work and the everyday life For this is appropriate to restart in grand style and prepare for the arrival of the autumn season and then the cold that will come with the winter.

The trends for September of this year, however, surprise us more than ever and you will see that you will not hear then so much the lack of summer, at least as far as clothing. The palette, in fact it is more colorful than ever, and the shades range from blue, to pink, until you get to the green, all more vibrant than ever.

Orange: the color of autumn

L’orange and all the shades of the sunsets and of the earth return absolute protagonists of the autumn, the rest how could it be otherwise?
Dresses, knitwear and full will camouflage among the autumn leaves that change color and that offer picturesque scenery.

The orange this fall will be more than a trend, a color-matted to show off on the version total look, including accessories. In the alternative, to not feel too Halloween pumpkins you can break up the outfit with accessories or textures to contrast. The combination of chic remains the one with the black.

All in pink

Unexpectedly, this September is the absolute protagonist will be the pink, more pink than ever. S is the must-have of the season that will light up with the lightness, the days darker.

Yes to pink gowns and blouses of the same color to match with blue jeans. And still capisala in pink to brighten up the city even on a rainy day.

Attention, the pink chosen, must be strictly eccentric.

A green guacamole

Also the green is once again the protagonist of the colder seasons, but in September, the hue will be eastern, like the guacamole. The palette of colours proposed is super vital, and also in this case, as with the orange, you can opt for a look that is total Green, or do die mix-and-match with the black to create the outfit perfect for every occasion.

As always at the end of the article, you will find a selection to create your own outfit, perfect for this September.