Current, alluring, vibrant and highly original. We are talking about the new luxury chic, the trend that is all the rage among the stars and influencers which you can't do without this Spring.

Spring 2019: the new luxury chic

Tired of the usual clothes fluttering, blouses and flower crop top in lace? This spring comes from the streets of the world, a trend is only the female that takes the name of the new luxury chic.
The inspiration and the colors of street style
are here taken for dresses and garments with luxurious details inspired by the craftsmanship sophisticated. There is no shortage of references to the classic style, while maintaining an international breadth and experimentation.

Tips for an on-trend look

But exactly how to create a look that respects the rules of the New Luxury Chic?
The first rule is put aside, even for only one evening, sneakers and other accessories from the semblance of sporty.

The game is all in the perfect mix-and-match between clothes, shoes and accessories. Attention, however, luxury is a constant that should not be underestimated: this trend want to that there is always the lure of luxury but you need not flaunt.

Also an oversized jacket can be a luxury, the secret is to choose a model that has fine details or you can embellish yourself, the outfit with an elegant necklace and bright, for example.

The dress midi is a great classic that is coming up again follow this trend: it is total black but don't be afraid to be daring by choosing shades of the roaring.

The white shirt is a must for every outfit, luxury and chic, worthy of respect, make sure you have a is to create a day look that evening.

It's Spring, and we know well the importance of a dress and its charm when worn to the sunset. To create a look of Luxury Chic even with a suit, the advice is to pay much attention to the shapes: soft, but extremely feminine, even romantic if you like. You to prints, but those tone-on-tone or in any case from the delicate colors.

Last advice: you silk, pleated and colored, for the clothing or accessories. With silk you can't go wrong.

Here you can find a selection of clothing to re-create your look this new Luxury Chic.