Asummer very shiny is the one that we are going to live: when the pastel colors and floral prints are not enough, here they come, the sequins, from the clothes to the top, to shine on the occasion of the hot season ever.

Summer: a brilliant look with the sequins

The summer is wonderful, especially because it brings in its outputs, experiences and holiday. Yet, it is not always easy to find the right look for all occasions that we see the protagonists, especially when the temperatures rise.

If you are looking for, however, is of a brilliant idea, different from the usual light colours and shades of flowers, it is here that the sequins will come to the rescue, especially for the creation of an outfit from party time. Ready to be sparkling?

A storm of glitter and sequins

Precious, sparkling and seductive, the sequins and the sequins, will make your summer look truly unique, original and unique. This is confirmed by fashion influencers, that since the early days of summer, showed off the sparkle on dresses, tops and accessories.

A riot of opulence and decorative details, which, however, with the proper precautions, knows how to be elegant and original, ideal even for look formal or important occasions. The alternative? Wear it for parties and events super cool organized during the summer evenings.

Sequins: how to choose them and wear them

From maxi dresses to top, up to the mini-bag and accessories, here are the sequins are configured as an element is absolutely versatile, detail-shimmering in the more informal occasions and in parties, to become the fifth essence of elegance.

Triumph, the metallic shades of bronze, gold and silver but there are also versions of disco that recall the ’80s. Yes to the black, a must have, but yes also to the fuchsia, pink, electric blue, and why not, the much loved rainbow.

But how to create a look that is beautiful shining? Simple, below you will find my personal selection of clothing items with sequins, super sparkling.