If there is a constant, when the air sa in the summer, are the rows. All the love, but few wear them, mostly for fear of making a mistake, the mix-and-match for a look that is original and fabulous.

It is not so complex, you know? Just follow a few simple rules, we discover what that is.

Tips and tricks for wearing stripes

“The lines get fat”, “the rows that do not match well,” “not, you can combine different rows”. How many times looking at the mirror with an outfit striped you have thought at least one of these things?

Let us say that you are all wrong, you can just follow tips and tricks to ensure you look original and great for your day to day life for a social event.

The secret of a perfect look made up of stripes is to leave the outfit clean and simple: you can play the tone-on-tone, or opt for the traditional black and White and with a tocco red.

If you love dare, you have to know that you can also do a match of different rows between them, the important thing is not to overdo it with accessories, and not to exceed in the colors.

If that rows is your first approach, the advice is to choose a piece of clothing in rows and paired it with another solid, if you are undecided on color, remember that white is always good.

If you are looking for a day look that amaze, opt for a pair of pants with stripes, and a t-shirt very simple to an outfit with minimal but impact, alternatively, a crop top, strictly monochrome.

Lines and accessories: what to choose

Once you have completed your look at the rows, it is time to choose the accessories, we have already said, in this context, the fundamental one is the simplicity.

The lines are a great classic, as all the most important trends in fact do not vanish ever. Choose the accessories is pretty simple, of course, consider the context.

In the summer, or on vacation, the bag of straw is a great classic, in the city instead of a shoulder bag for the day and a clucht leather for the evening.

Do you love hats? In this case, the perfect mix-and-match is the basque, is also the Borsalino especially if you are on holiday.

For the shoes instead, feel free to choose the ones that best fit the occasion, I got to tell you, the lines combine everything: stilettos, or sneakers, will give the right touch to your look.

As always at the end of the article you can find a selection of the best clothing lines for mixing up your look.