Mickey mouse is now an icon of fashion, I knew it before, we have the confirmation now. In fact, despite the boom of the t-shirt with print of Mickey Mouse and his gang of a few years ago, the trend has not ceased to conquer our hearts and our wardrobes.

Mickey mouse, fashion icon

Mickey is a true global icon, and for some years has also conquered the fashion industry. Him with his know to do, more than any other animated character has entered the lives and homes of generations of spectators.

Cute, funny, irreverent, intelligent, and optimistic, is a born leader and we love him also for this. Is the pop icon of excellence and a cultural reference without time. It is not a coincidence that many fashion designers over the years, are inspired by this cartoon: Mickey mouse together ala his girlfriend Minnie were the absolute protagonists of the many. products

The boom of Mickey mouse

With the anniversary of Mickey mouse, the world of Mickey Mouse has arrived forcefully on the streets: the fashion houses of luxury and the leading companies of streetwear had launch mickey's every where, and the influences I had caught the ball.

Mickey mouse, Minnie mouse, but also Donald duck and the secondary characters like Pluto and Goofy have appeared everywhere, on t-shirts and clothes, giving form and colour to shoes and accessories.

Mickey mouse, today and tomorrow

Those who envisioned Mickey mouse as a fashion of the moment will have to change their minds so why not pass a single day where someone is not wearing a piece of clothing or an accessory that recalls the iconic cardboard. And with the arrival of Spring what better way if not to buy a t-shirt with print your own mickey themed?

The rest just looking at it brings happiness because it not only reminds us of the times when we were little and carefree, but he's the eternal optimist gives us always a sense of optimism and positive thoughts. And then why not go back to wearing the mickey mouse with the beautiful sunny days?

Here below, for all lovers of the timeless cartoon, some of the proposals that you will love.