The summer is finally here, and while you enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach, here comes a phone call that reminds you of thel the marriage of your best friend in September , and no, you have not yet found the dress. Here are some tips on how to dress if you were invited to a wedding in the month of the beginning of Autumn

My friend is getting married, in September

If it is true that spring and summer are definitely the seasons favorite dress, it is also true that in the last few years September and October are entered between the months preferred by the future brides.

The weddings in autumn always bring a little bit of fear because you know, the time during those days is always a little uncertain.

And if in the summer we can indulge ourselves with short dresses and bright colours, with the arrival of autumn, the look from the wedding must be surely sought after.

How to choose the dress for a wedding in September

Before you start shopping for the choice of the dress that we will wear to the wedding of our friend in September, we must keep in mind two aspects.

The temperatures change with the end of the summer and if it is true that the sun is still shining high in the sky in September, it is also true that this is the period in which they begin to get the first cold. Accordingly, our outfit must take account of the changes of climate and of the weather dancer.

In this case, simply add a jacket or a coat elegant, to prevent sudden drops in temperatures.

The other aspect to consider about colors. September is the month of the transmission season and with the arrival of autumn also the shades change. We must therefore give up the palette to more bright and vibrant for colors the more neutral and darker tones.

Black for a wedding in September

The only exception is the black that also in this case, it is well cn all. For a long time was considered to be a color out for the guests of a wedding. In fact, choose a black dress for a wedding in autumn is a good choice, the important thing is to then enhance the look with lights or colorful accessories that enhance and bring light to an outfit.

4 look for a wedding in September

Thelong dress never goes out of fashion, indeed, is a perfect choice for a wedding mid-season.

Also thedress, the midi can be worn in Autumn, especially in September when the temperatures are warm and the tan is still present on our bodies. In this case, however, if you choose a dress with bare shoulders, do not forget the head of the shoulder.
Perfect for the wedding is the dress, black and colored, that never goes out of fashion.

An evergreen for the wedding of September is the Jumpsuite: practical, versatile and very chic, it will allow you to make a great impression with a single item of clothing.

One of the trends that are popular for the wedding in the fall is the one of the broken: skirts accompanied by elegant silk blouses. Being to September, temperatures are still mild, you can opt for a skirt in tulle, taffeta, or damask. The model that goes for more is the one on the wheel to create a bon ton outfit the ’50s for a bon ton outfit.

As always at the end of the article you can find a selection of clothing items to create the perfect look if you've been invited to a wedding in September