Who said that the women's jeans you can not wear them even to August. In this article you will find the best models for this summer, and all the combinations to do.

If anyone finds a pair of jeans, from fitina perfect, is a treasure, because having to give up the summer? The trick lies in the choice of the perfect fabric: a lightweight denim can really help you create a fantastic look also in August.

Women's Jeans: the best of the summer

Marked a great return, we are talking about jeans cigarette which have supplanted officially those high waisted ripped. This summer is full of glamour and style to urban chic.

The true protagonist of August, however, is the bootcut jeans, similar to the successful model from the leg, but more discrete. Matching with this item of clothing is very simple, it's summer, and then there's the rule of less is more.

Opt for a shirt, a white t-shirt or a top crop of a single color and minimal: all attention must be focused on the jeans, they are the Guest star of the outfit.
Combined with the look, a pair of sandals with a rope wedge, and a mini bag where you can put just the necessary, you will be perfect for both a party and for an evening among friends.

Jeans with a high waist and other models

Jeans with a high waist this August, up towards the chest and emphasize a silhouette, more sensual than ever. The perfect pairing? A bralette or a top drop very mini.

Alternatively, you can opt for a leotard or a tank top to shoulder wide.

Also the jeans, the slim woman is back in the hot spotlight of the summer, the re-examination, however, is romantic, in key bonbon.

You can wear a pair of stylish pants, made entirely in denim, you decide based on the silhouette what to put in view.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable in and that you put emphasis on your strengths, understand their weaknesses, playing smart.

For example, you can opt for a top with short back and long in back if you want to hide the b-side, or opt for a blouse that covers the hips, in case you do not want to put them on show.

If the previous models do not make you go crazy and prefers comfort in August, then you can choose a great classic: the jeans boyfriend. Certainly, not just between the trends of August, but with a nice heel stilettos and a silk top you will be elegant and perfect for any occasion.

As always at the end of the article you can find my personal selection of jeans for the summer.