Jackets: how to choose the best one for this Spring

The jacket takes us from evening to morning: to go to work, to shopping with the best friend, for a happy hour in the city and even for a romantic date. In short, it is impossible to imagine a spring without at least two, three, seven, eight jackets, don't you think?

If there is an item of clothing that can solve any emergency fashion, this is certainly the jacket: you put on a dress, or matched to pots and t-shirts to create a look fast and flawless for any occasion.

If in winter, the jacket is often hidden under a coat or caposcala in general, during the season of love becomes the absolute protagonist.

For this Spring you will be spoilt for choice: classic blazer a single-breasted or double-breasted, jackets silhouette or timeless nail.

The variations are many, if you dare, you'll be happy to know that a big ONE goes to the jackets with sequins, of any color.

The black and white will remain a must of always, to which is added the electric blue, orange and pink. It is also to the rows and to the pictures.

Jackets: how to wear them in the Spring

In short, if your closet is lacking of jackets, this is the time to run for cover. The advice is to do smart shopping and to choose models and styles that can fit in a versatile way to all your the look.

If you are looking for a way to vary your outfits from office, the blazer is always a good idea: pair it with cigarette pants or a Pencil skirt, perhaps in a coordinated manner.
And it is the blazer that comes to the rescue if you are looking for a solution that is romantic yet chic. An example of that? Midi dress or gown with a full skirt, with a blazer coordinated, you'll be perfect.

If, instead, your mind screams, and rock songs, the ideal is to opt for traditional nail, who does not have one? Alternatively, you can choose a leather jacket with rhinestones or pearls to give that romantic touch to the garment.
Of course, you can match your leather jacket to the rest of the outfit, creating a look very original.

It is up to you just make shopping.

As always at the end of the article you can find a selection of jackets for this Spring, too.