New year is near and with him the new year. If you find you need to shine only in the night of San Silvestro you are wrong. Let's discover together the latest trends January 2020 arrival.

After the party season is not yet time to stop shining. The fashion of stylish clothes and jewelry shining, in fact, continues for the first month of the year because who well begins, well continues.

What to wear in January

The new year begins with lots of new ideas: the tips and trends come directly from the catwalks of fashion week around the world. And given that January also means the balances, that, behold, there is no better time to renew the wardrobe and begin 2020 with the right look.

If you are wondering how to start the year in the best possible ways, know that the fashion comes to meet you. The jewels, in fact, this year, become big and as amulets will bring good fortune in your days, in addition to illuminate the first look of the new year.

Winter fashion 2020

Once again it is the fashion influencers to give us suggestions, and as the queen of the field Chiara Ferragni suggests, this year's tights is mandatory. Iconic and hot, the pantyhose is the best friend of every woman in the winter: it is thanks to him that the renunciation of clothes and socks also with the cold temperatures.

A master, however, is an unusual line in front of or behind, as we are accustomed to see them, so as to make it even more glamorous , the outfit chosen for the first few days of the year. Lovers of fashion , vintage and boho we may smile, in January, in fact, the floral prints from the nuance faint are back in fashion.

This is theperfect outfit in anticipation of the sunny days, and when temperatures rise, the look remains the same but there it turns out.

New year's day 2020: total black

Black characterizes the end and the beginning of the year as long as there are accompanying sequins, lace and a touch of metal. To shine the first night of the year, this time you can choose a complete or a total black dress, the important thing is that there are accessories or details that illuminate the whole.

According to the experts? This will be the year of the metal. Why not start big? As always, up article you will find my selection of clothing to start the new year by super fashionistas.