There are no more middle seasons, they say. And yet we find ourselves to face the days in which the sky and the temperatures also change four times within the span of a few hours. The solution? Loose clothing for this Fall.

When the summer is almost over, but the warm temperatures do not leave us if not in the evening, we don't really know how to dress. Because if the sun warms even the days of rain in September, along with the cool of the evening reminds us that autumn and has already begun.

It is time to socks?Still no, but a long dress or midi can be the solution to all our problems. With some forethought, here, then, is that we can recreate, one, two and ten different looks for our autumn truly glamorous.

Above white, below black

The white and black are always a good choice. The mix and match between these colours, it allows you to have a look suitable for every need: from a night out with friends outfits, perfect for day and office. How about the little black dress long to the knee and a white blazer over it?

Dress midi and ankle boots

The combo of the tothe scope midi with boots is perfect for Fall. The clothes fluttering, in fact, are not only made for the summer: a little bit of extra fabric on the length and on the sleeves allow you to have an item of clothing that is versatile and suitable for every occasion. The dress, however, must be strictly printed: yes to flowers, patterns and even better if you focus on the colour palette is warm, typical of the sunsets of autumn.

Long dress patterned

A long gown, one boot the bottom and a shoulder bag: here's the perfect outfit for autumn afternoons. Whether it is a session of compulsive shopping or a drink in the city with friends, you will be perfect in version autumn.

As always at the end of the article you can find the proposals of dresses for this fall.