Summer is now a distant memory, but winter, the cold and harsh one, has not yet arrived. Here then, dressing in layers becomes the best solution to not feel cold and not too hot.

How to dress in layers in the fall and avoid feeling hot and cold

For the coat, perhaps, it is still too hot but with a simple jacket we risk feeling too cold. So what should we wear? The solution? Dress in layers, or on onion, as popular jargon suggests.

Are you wondering how to dress in layers? Just choose the right clothing items and always keep them close at hand. A few examples? Cardigan, turtleneck, bodysuit and shirt, all smart garments that allow us to stratify the outfit and make it perfect for mid-seasons.

Half seasons: here's how to deal with the right look

The mid-seasons drive us crazy: we don't know whether to cover ourselves or discover ourselves because, in both cases, we would always be either too hot or too cold. This is why dressing in Stradi becomes a survival choice to overcome autumn, but also winter when the days are warm and sunny.

The continuous changes in temperature, often sudden, are to the detriment of our fashion side because in order to satisfy the needs of our body, we give up well-thought choices in favor of comfort. But just dress in layers and choose the right garments to no longer have problems.

Dress in layers: here are the right items to always have in the wardrobe

If the weather doesn't tend to stabilize, let's be smart and don't let ourselves be caught unprepared by learning to create multi-layered outfits. It all lies in understanding which are those clever items of clothing that can be worn, one on top of the other, and that do not make us look clumsy or not very chic.

In the first place the white shirt, we all have one in the closet, and now it's time to use it. Beyond the fact that it is an evergreen garment that we should all have, the shirt is essential for creating a layered outfit: it can be worn under a sweater or over a pullover. It is also perfect  under cardigans and even in combination with a knitted crop top .

Another evergreen item of this season is the cape or poncho to wear over the coat, if it's too cold, or directly on the chosen dress. Even the cardigan, in the footsteps of the cape, becomes an ally of the mid-seasons: it can be stored in the bag if it's too hot, worn if it's cold.

Underwear also plays its part in this layered mid-season dressing. In particular, what must never be missing is a leotard . An underwear garment that keeps the body warm, that does not tighten or wrap and that adheres perfectly to the silhouette. With suspenders for those who do not suffer from low temperatures, with long sleeves for the most cold (perhaps to wear right under the shirt) or with a high collar, in a turtleneck style for those who often suffer from sore throats.

Do you want some ideas? Under this article you will find, as always, my personal selection of clothing items to dress in layers.