When the balances arrive, the desire for the compulsive shopping salt with it, but be careful: buy consciously and in a balanced way is the best choice for you and for your pockets.

Here, then, is a guide to the purchases during the sales, with some advice on how to avoid scams on markdowns.

The guide to the balances in 2020

Discounts, price reductions, clothing items that first for us was a dream and now, thanks to the balances can officially join to be a part of our wardrobe.

So far, nothing bad. The real problem comes at a time when, taken by the enthusiasm, we buy more than necessary with the result that those items of clothing remain in our closet without ever being worn.

The heat of the moment puts many of us in a position to buy for us not to lose the deal of the century, however, the purchases compulsive disorder are never a good idea. That's why before shopping we recommend to read carefully these tips, which apply both to purchases in the shop and online.

The first advice there is to always keep the receipt, so in the case of purchases made under the impulse of the moment, you can change the article and take one that meets your needs.

Attention to inventories: there are many shops that sell clothes kept in storage and therefore not of the last collection. There is nothing wrong with buying clothes or accessories, the end of the series, just make sure that at that price, it really worth.

Before the beginning of the balances , keep an eye on the prices, unfortunately, even today, the retailers that raise their prices before the start of the payoffs are many. It is true, and scams against consumers.

Organization and planning are the key words for shopping healthy at the expense of the wild and compulsive. Take pen and paper and draw up a list of the things you really need, if you can, plan a budget within which to stay, and if you have some money treat yourself to well as an extra, which is only one though.

Good shopping! And don't forget to take a look at the sale section of the site.