T-shirt with half sleeves logate, simple, with lettering and embroidery: t-shirt-white is confirmed trend must-haves of the summer 2019.

White T-shirt: why wear it this summer

Custom T-shirts with phrases, quotes, logos , or simply white, the trend this summer is the jersey for total white outfit is cool and easy.

And do not call it only a white t-shirt, it is much more: an evergreen out of time, with so much personality.

There is always a starting point to build an outfit of the trend, to not make mistakes this summer we will start right with the white t-shirt.

The combinations to do with t-shirts are endless, you can lighten an outfit important, or create a casual-chic, with a pair of jeans with a high waist, for example, and sneakers.

What makes the white t-shirt and the head of the most beloved of the summer is its versatility: you can wear any time of the day and allows us to convey the look as we want.

White T-shirt: the trend of summer

The arrival of the beautiful season, must be celebrated with a light outfit, fresh and sparkling. If you are tired of the usual clothes flapping and you want to add originality to your look, the white shirt is the garment that will meet all your needs.

If you feel seriously, you can opt for a simple white t-shirt, however, if your mood is romantic dreamer, choose a white t-shirt with lace details. If you feel mischievous and lively, you mesh logate or with lettering, even better if it's ironic.

Opt always for white t-shirts in cotton, it is in absolute the better fabric to face the summer.

For the rest, rely on your creativity to create mix-and-match that surprised.

As always, at the end of the article, you will find a selection of white t-shirts to buy on this site.