Fashion and trends: all the colors of the summer

The summer now has come, the lengths are halved and the us, and the sunset over the sea is incredibly beautiful. All we can do is accept it, and wear the colors of the summer.

The colors of summer sunsets and the middle east

Sandals, tobacco, clothing, color rhum, between the colors of the summer, there are hues of sunsets in the middle east that enchant and amaze.

The changing colors, belong to the summer, but this year we have a valid alternative, intense, almost emotional. The palette of colors, it is more hot than ever: tobacco, cognac, brown and bordeaux.
Nuance deep and intense that they melt and blend in with the scorched earth from the sun and the sunsets, for outfits that amaze and thrill you.

Colors of summer: vintage and modernity

The colors of summer are of the mold vintage: the iconic safari look, became the protagonists of the streets crowded with tourists on vacation.
Also the neck is allowed, provided that it is not black. You confirm the accessories must of the summer straw hats, maxi tote bag and a belt at the rope.

Colors of summer: the great classics

And then there are the classics, the ones that make us play when it is the summer, as the white.
Those who dreamed of wearing a full or a gown fluttering a total White? De rest of the non-color par excellence, featuring an original look, fresh and light, like our summer.

Back l’orange, color, vitamins, and representative of the sun, the tint of the summer, hot and sensual, enriched with positive energy each of our look emphasizes the very feminine.

The alternative to the orange is the living coral, chosen by pantone as color of the year.

And then there is the pink, on the contrary, however, other times, it softens: the light pink and its shades, became the protagonists of the outfits, summer romantic and light.

As always, at the end of the article, you can find my personal selection of clothing in the colors of summer.