How to deal with thearrival of the cold in the way most of the fashion? Wearing the feather, the hot trend of the winter.

Piumini donna 2019/2020

Even when winter arrives and the temperatures drop dramatically, it is crucial not to overlook the style. There are help articles, the best allies to fashion, even for the most freddolose.

In fact, while the coat remains a choice of chic and tailored for specific occasions, the duvet becomes an evergreen to our daily life, to show off at work or for an appointment in the evening in the winter days cold and rainy.

How to choose the duvet for the winter

Long, short, screwed, and in a maxi version, then there are plenty of colors and other details that enhance the best ally of women in the winter. And it is not as it should be for the strength of a traditional model with zip closure, among the newcomers, in fact, here we find the duvet that invokes the tailoring of the coat: the padding remains the same but the model becomes very elegant.

And so, the head of sport and casual for excellence becomes dramatic and can also be worn on big occasions. What better than a red iridescent like color to brighten up the gray days of Winter?

Many models to choose from as well as different trendy colors, from those with practical everyday wear to the most special that in some way transform the classic down in a head glam and chic.

The down trend

From fashion trends to brands low cost through the brands clothing, Italian and not, this year, on the fate of down jackets, we really are spoiled for choice.

Yes to floral prints for those who want the color in the winter and yes the duvet velvet satin, for all women who want to dare with style and be the real protagonists of the season.

Then there are the itapered down jackets blacks and whites. With regard to the latter, the advice is to opt for a model long in total White lines to the slip so as to enhance the silhouette and create the perfect look for the snow queen.

The red is among the fashion colors of autumn and winter, and then click yes to the coats of the colour of the fire in the feather by the average length that are perfect to be combined with outfits for work and for leisure.

And if you want them all, make space in the closet, so the duvet is always an evergreen. As always at the end of the article to find my personal selection of down jackets for a warm, fashionable winter.