Comfortable, versatile and on-trend boyfriend jeans are a must have this winter 2020. We will discover together the models absolutely have to spend the cold season in the most glamorous ever.

Boyfriend jeans, models

The lovers of the denim will rejoice, this the winter among the trends the protagonists of the season, there is that of the use of the boyfriend jeans, ideal to face the winter of 2020. The rest just look at the proposal for large fashion companies to realize that we can not spend the cold months without having it in the wardrobe at least a couple of this model of jeans.

And choice, which I assure you is very wide, with models that are more baggy and oversize, through the jeans ripped up to the simple ones, not too baggy. Patterns, colors and details are super feminine characterize the jeans boyfriend stealing cutting to the models typically male, but who know how to be extremely seductive if worn in the right way.

Boyfrien jeans, why wear them

For some time jeans model boyfriend have been witnessed by the it girl and not only. Motivation? The cut is extremely masculine is not convinced, however, the situation is completely reversed, the whole merit of the’air of glamour and a bit of a “bad girl” that never fails.

The jeans boyfriend 's mimic, and in all the models of men's jeans. The silhouette is characterized by a life that is rather high, more or less oversize, depending on the model, with a straight leg and wide and the crotch. Extremely versatile, comfortable and practical, they are perfect for all of the silhouette because neither the legs nor the hips.

Boyfriend jeans, how to wear them

Boyfriend jeans are beloved by women because they are extremely versatile,with the allure of a tomboy, in fact, may be damped, for example with a pair of shoes with the high heels and give an air of glamour and on-trend.

The important thing is to pay attention to how to match them, having, in fact, a straight line and vertical, this garment moves the attention to the bust so you may want to enhance this part of the body with a top crop, for example, a t-shirt or a shirt that goes, however, tucked in the pants.

For the pairing and for the boyfriend jeans, I refer as always to my personal selection that you can find in the bottom of the article.