An accessory is always an accessory and as such must be respected and celebrated, but above all it must be chosen in the best way.

Accessories make the look

If it is true that the dress does not make the monk, it is equally true that the accessories determine the look. In fact, they are the ones who give that touch of originality and glamor to our clothing which, if chosen with taste and matched in the right way, allow us to always make a great impression.

But no outfit is complete without the right accessory: whether it's a bag, a belt or a mask, the important thing is to make a choice that matches our style and that knows, in some way, to tell something of we.

5 accessories to match with late summer looks

Summer also wants its accessories. Of course, our style is bare and minimal because we still have to deal with sunny days and high temperatures, however style is never given up, we have learned this.

So there are practical and light accessories to take with us even in summer and late summer. First of all, the mask , a functional and protective object, necessary for anti-covid provisions but which can become extremely fashionable thanks to the mask covers on the market.

The second accessory that cannot be renounced in this period is the belt . This object is not only functional to the adaptation of trousers and skirts to our body, but it is a real glamorous accessory. To be worn at the waist to break up a maxi dress or to be combined with a full top and full skirt for a truly romantic effect.

Earrings are the favorite accessory of the summer. Unlike necklaces, which could be annoying when in contact with the skin during the hottest days, these give the whole look a truly glamorous allure. If the outfit is minimal, go too far with earrings.

You never give up on a bag , preferably small and over the shoulder. This is the real star accessory of the summer, as long as it is always very colorful.

Last, but not least, are the scarves . An apparently simple and small accessory that hides a lot of uses and a lot, a lot of elegance and charm. The scarf can be tied in the hair, worn around the neck to protect the throat in the evening and tied to the bag for a truly classy final result.

As always, at the end of the article, you will find my personal selection of essential accessories for the end of summer.