This September, the multicolor is the trend

From green, to pink on the Galaxy blue, this September, the color of the energy to better cope with the arrival of the cold season.
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Trends September 2019: back to school

There we are, the new season is just around the corner and it is time to start the daily routine. Although the school is now far from our life, I like to think of a return to work and the everyday life with a fresh and dynamic style that help us to overcome better is the end of this wonderful summer that has just passed.
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Marriage September: how to dress

The summer is finally here, and while you enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach, here comes a phone call that reminds you of thel the marriage of your best friend in September , and no, you have not yet found the dress. Here are some tips on how to dress if you were invited to a wedding in the month of the beginning of Autumn.
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Long skirts: how and what to choose

If there is a piece of clothing that is able to enhance our femininity that is certainly the skirt. Then there are those long, sensual at the right point even if they don't show the exposed skin. Let's see together how and what skirts to choose from have always a trendy look.
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Jeans: the models to wear in August

Who said that the women's jeans you can not wear them even to August. In this article you will find the best models for this summer, and all the combinations to do.
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What to wear in August: trend and must-haves of the summer

Fashionable sports chic clothing and fresh but glamorous accessories in straw, and much more: here are the trends and the must have to wear in August.
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How to wear black even in summer

The total black always has its timeless charm.It is inevitable, therefore, suffer a bit in the summer when color is king, but I'll let you in on a secret: the black you can wear it even in summer.
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5 heads trends to buy with summer sales

The holidays are in the air is in the air, and the desire to relax as well, but you can not ignore the summer sales: the portfolio at hand and shopping smart, here are the clothing items to buy during the sale.
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Holidays at sea: here are the must-haves

You have already done the suitcases for your holiday by the sea? Probably yes, but are you sure you put everything that you need to be trendy even during your trip?
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How to dress in holiday and not to miss a look

Destination choice, and the ticket taken: now you only need to prepare your suitcase and off you go! But what are the clothes you bring on holiday not to miss even a look?Let's find out together.
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