Cappotti corti per l’inverno: come proteggersi con stile

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Maglioni Donna: come affrontare l’inverno con stile

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Floral dresses: how to wear them even in winter

They give color and warmth even to the darkest and coldest days, we are talking about floral dresses and the reasons why you should wear them even during the winter!
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Comfy outfit, the look to wear inside and outside the home

Comfortable inside and outside the home, at work or to go shopping, but always in a trendy way of course. Here's how to create the perfect comfy outfit.
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Faux leather pants: here's how to be elegant and glamorous even in winter

Always trendy, highly sought after and with that little bit of glam rock that never hurts: we are talking about eco-leather trousers , the perfect and versatile solution to be elegant even in winter.
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Anti-cold skirts: all the models for this winter

Skirts, a feminine garment par excellence, do not always get along with low temperatures, indeed almost never. However, there are some anti-cold models perfect for winter : ready to find out which ones?
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Warm and enveloping sweaters to wear this Christmas

Not just bows, puppets and Christmas designs on the sweaters to wear for this Christmas. But also sober colors, but equally evocative, to wear on any occasion. Ready to discover the warm and enveloping sweaters to wear this Christmas?
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Winter duvets: the perfect choice for the coldest

Before Christmas, lights and colors, gifts and magic we have to face another problem that afflicts all those who suffer from the cold: the arrival of winter. Let's see how to welcome the season with winter duvets , a real anti-cold solution.
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Women's winter coats: selection guide

While the leaves continue to flutter in the sky coloring everything in gold, the temperatures continue to drop, confirming that winter is almost upon us. So this small guide to women's coats will allow us to survive the autumn / winter 2020. Ready?
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Wide trousers to face the winter with style

Not only at home, to face the days in a practical and comfortable way, wide trousers are the must have for this winter . The perfect garment to face the winter with style.
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